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What is bioanthropology?

Anthropological, historical and linguistic data for PASNP initiative

Comparative table of Homosapiens

Geological Data

Anthropological Records

Chinese anthropological timeline
Japanese anthropological timeline

Korean anthropological timeline

BioSkulls | Ethnic groups

Modelling programs for admixture and isolations


Bioanthropology References

Research Topics

Peopling of Asia











External Links


  1. Wikipedia has some useful information and images for bioanthropology.
  2. An encyclopedic reference work cataloging world’s 6,912 living languages
  3. African Primates at Home
  4. AMNH Fossil Skulls
  5. Biological Anthropology Web
  6. Biological Anthropology Resources
  7. Biotech Chronicles
  8. Darwin-Wallace 1858 Paper on Evolution
  9. Enter Evolution: Theory and History
  10. [AAAS] (search for "evolution resources")
  11. Evolution Update
  12. Fossil Hominids
  13. The Gene School
  14. Human Evolution
  15. Institute of Human Origins
  16. MendelWeb
  17. Primate Gallery
  18. Primer on Molecular Genetics
  19. Skull Module
  20. Species of Primates - Photo Gallery
  21. Talk.Origins Archive
  22. Welcome to the World of Chimpanzees
  23. Harvard University: Evolution Links
  24. Yahoo! Evolution
  25. BioAnthropology Exhibits
  26. Becoming Human
  28. Eurasia project 1998
  29. Evolution Research News
  30. Emuseul for bioanthropology, Minesota

News Links

BBC news on Eurasia Project 1998


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